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Prenatal Art is something which truly captivates and inspires me and having two children of my own I know what a special experience pregnancy is. Adorning your pregnant bump with henna or body paint is a magical way to embrace your pregnancy and cherish it in photographs for years to come. All women deserve to feel special during pregnancy especially the later stages so why not embrace being pampered before your new baby arrives. I’m blessed to be commissioned to adorn your pregnant belly and thoroughly cherish this experience to make a Mum to be feel beautiful.

“Hannah is a great artist with an infectious personality. She created a beautiful belly painting for me when I was heavily pregnant and we had a wonderful time whilst doing it. Working with her is filled with laughter, a relaxed atmosphere and cooperation. She made me feel beautiful despite my weight! Lovely memories and pictures to hold for the future, I recommend her to all my pregnant friends “  Agnieszka Kempa